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Check how people are giving back. For Drupal specifically you can always check out office hours .

One of the biggest complaints about the otherwise awesome Youtube field module is that it's output are is only a set of static css sizes in the display option. Not anymore!  Now you can specify 100% width There is a new patch which should work pretty good. I am playing with it here an let you know what I find.

I had a lot of fun sharing what I know about the rules module during my presentation - Get more out of the Rules module: show Drupal who's the boss! The great things about events like this is that people with all levels of experience come out and it is great opportunity to share your company and to grow the community. One of the main problems identified by Dries is there are simply not enough Drupal developers yet.

David Stoline is a fixture at DC Drupal meetups, a maintainer of the ever useful taxonomy menu module and now a member of the all important Drupal.org security team. I caught up with David outside of the Oregon convention center right after he finished teaching his day long class on security. Check out his blog at http://davidstoline.com/

It's the second day and the team is holding up well. There are only a few bugs to work out and then the site will be live across all devices!

I am very proud of our Drupal Community tonight!

Drupal developers and volunteers from FEMA are volunteering to work through the night on a mobile web site that helps people trying to get in and out of the devastated areas in Oklahoma find rideshare services and temporary housing.

This is an excellent example of the altruistic spirit that drives the Drupal community.

Randy Fay, Drupal community staple and well known Drupalista, talks about the role Drupal plays in NGO work and his new endeavor helping the people of Nicaragua have clean water

Brock Boland and Bryan Hirsch, two of the Drupal community members behind Learndrupal.org, talk about how even beginners can contribute back to the community through the website,
They say some companies set aside time for their employees to volunteer working on Drupal Core.
The event was on April 9 and hosted by APCO- just a few blocks from the White House

I got the chance to talk with the ever-awesome Webchick about corporations sponsoring and supporting Drupal

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