Drupal 8

I started up the migration again preperation again after some much needed time off.

The UNESCO folks have everything they need, so we are free to proceed with the migration  

Things seem to go along quite more smooth. The last time I had attepmted this was when Drupal 8 was on version 8.1. Now we are on 8.4

I just attempted a straight migration using the following syntax in my command

drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-db-url=mysql://drupaluser:@ --legacy-root=http:/site-namel.dd:8083 


Any decent site architect and site builder uses it, the rules module. The question is, will there be a Drupal 8 version of rules? When I asked Micheal Meyers of Acquia about this issue during his presentation at Drupal Government Days last August, I got a lukewarm and inconclusive answer.

There is such a buzz about Twig nowadays, Forest Mars stops to tel us exactly what Twig is, how it applies to the upcoming release of Drupal 8 and introduces Twigify, a tool built to help us move our Drupal 7 themes to Drupal 8

Brock Boland and Bryan Hirsch, two of the Drupal community members behind Learndrupal.org, talk about how even beginners can contribute back to the community through the website,
They say some companies set aside time for their employees to volunteer working on Drupal Core.
The event was on April 9 and hosted by APCO- just a few blocks from the White House

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