The Rules Link module saved my day last week. I was building out a CRM solution for a medium sized government contractor.

Here were the requirements

  • Users need  button to create a Commerce Order from a User Account page.
  • System needs to be maintained by Site Builder

The Rules Link module creates a new entity called a rules link entity The entity can be attached toa user or one of several entities and the link can be moved around via the manage display tab.

Matt Robison of the Louisville Web Group had a great presenation at the Drupal eCommerce summit about  "Take advantage of low hanging fruit" when commincating with your users on a commerce site. (It's great tips for any site really)

While putting together my presentation for Captial Camp, I created this diagram which shows how the different entites relate to each other on our Comemrce site for NIDA. I will also attach this to the post in case somebody wants to improve upon it.

Ryan Szrama, Commerce Guys developer and Drupal rock star, talks about the structure of Drupal Commerce, the Drupal community, the role of Commerce in Federal IT and sponsoring developers to get our needed modules.

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