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To showcase how awesome the Drupal community is, I decided to let my two worlds collide and shoot a Guitar Voyager! video at BAD Camp. I'm at the Bay Area Drupal Camp to jam with some of the best in brightest in Drupal Community. The tune is All the Madmen by David Bowie

Some say it may be tongue in cheek, but there is a real reverence for Drupal from both it's users, and it's developers. There are also shots of the conference.

Brock Boland and Bryan Hirsch, two of the Drupal community members behind Learndrupal.org, talk about how even beginners can contribute back to the community through the website,
They say some companies set aside time for their employees to volunteer working on Drupal Core.
The event was on April 9 and hosted by APCO- just a few blocks from the White House

I got the chance to talk with the ever-awesome Webchick about corporations sponsoring and supporting Drupal

Last night of Drupalcon Denver. Johan Falk leading us all in a round of "I can be your module"

I sat down with Kieran Lal from Acquia Inc and talked with him about why we are all so crazy about Drupal and why he was dressed as Wyatt Erp

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